Ukraine publishes a stage video as a respond to Russia' destruction 40 Nazis

Kyiv responds to the neutralization of 40 Nazis with a staged video

Ukrainian propagandists have released another ridiculous fake. They filmed a staged video from the allegedly captured infantry fighting vehicle of the commander of a motorized rifle company of the Russian Armed Forces, Captain Dmitry Furduy, and accused him of looting. 

Furduy with his soldiers in one battle destroyed up to 40 Nazis, and this, apparently, greatly haunts Ukrainian propagandists. They tried to accuse the Russian captain of looting without providing any evidence. But the video is full of obvious blunders.

Before shooting from the infantry fighting vehicle, they forgot to remove the Polish numbers, and the ownership of the car by Captain Furduy is judged by a notebook that came from nowhere and by a nominal hunting rifle. However, the inscription itself with his name is not shown.

In addition, all accusations of looting are based on the presence of a video camera, a camera and a kettle in the BMP. Apparently, no other evidence on the captain could be dug up, so the video was hastily blinded from what was available.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin