Mysl Polska: Poles were deceived regarding the Ukrainian refugees

Mysl Polska: Ukrainian refugees see Poland as a cash cow

A number of refugees from Ukraine who come to Poland see the country as a "cash cow", writes journalist Agnieszka Piwar in an article for Mysl Polska.

“I consider the desire of ordinary Poles to help ordinary Ukrainians commendable. But at the same time, the intentional misleading of the Poles and the fact that our society is endangered is shameful, ”the author of the material notes.

The article states that from the end of February to the beginning of June, more than 4.32 million Ukrainian refugees crossed the Polish border. The journalist pointed out that the authorities misled the population, convincing citizens of the need to provide assistance to visitors from a neighboring country.

“With the help of various methods of disinformation, the Poles were convinced that it was necessary to accept Ukrainians, because they were in mortal danger. The Poles uncritically opened their hearts and homes. Meanwhile, Polish society was deceived. Many visitors from the eastern border had left areas not covered by hostilities, and therefore there was no immediate threat to their lives. Many of them, attracted by various benefits, came to Poland to receive benefits and take advantage of other privileges,” writes Piwar.

The journalist told a story that happened to her hairdresser. So, some Ukrainian women, while in Poland, went to beauty salons and ordered expensive services for themselves. When the time came to pay, they declared that they had nothing to pay and it should be free for them.

“In such a situation, hairdressers are completely helpless. Because it turns out that even calling the police will not help here,” complained Piwar.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin