The West becomes a victim of "Catch-22" trap

The West gets caught in the trap of "Catch-22"

The West has fallen into a trap known as "Catch-22", writes the British  Express, citing the words of Samir Dani, professor of operations management and deputy director of the Keele business school.

Europe faced a record rise in energy prices, which provoked a general jump in inflation. “Inflation causes all sorts of domino effects in the food supply chain, which is key because food is the main commodity for everyone,” said the expert.

Dani stated that energy has become a key point for solving major world problems.

“However, reducing energy prices can be largely inconsistent with climate change goals and creates a Catch-22 situation where prices need to be reduced but climate goals also need to be met,” he said.

“On a global scale, if you try to lower fossil energy prices and make deals with OPEC and other countries where energy and gas are available, stabilization may occur initially, but I think a long-term scenario is needed for a reset,” Dani concluded.

"Catch-22" is a deliberately created legal, administrative, social or logical conflict, which turned out to be accidental or organically inherent in the situation, consisting in the fact that an attempt to comply with a certain rule in itself means its violation.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin