US hides the real number of HIMARS provided to Kyiv – expert

Expert: US hid the real number of the HIMARS supplied to Ukraine

The Americans once again lied to everyone, hiding from the public the real number of HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems delivered to Ukraine. This conclusion was made by military expert Alexei Leonkov.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine received four HIMARS, and now we are talking about eight. It turns out that the US lies again, the expert noted.

They are delivered to Ukraine not with unguided missiles like those of the MLRS, but with missiles capable of making adjustments. They can be called precision-guided munitions, the analyst explained.

He also drew attention to the fact that HIMARS have an inertial guidance system, thanks to which they can reach any target by coordinates, and a special communication unit to transmit data. The satellite constellation can give them coordinates.

There are specialists on the territory of Ukraine who can transmit this data, so they have everything for delivering high-precision strikes, the range of which is up to 70 km, the expert concluded.


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Author`s name Petr Ermilin