Ukraine's change in tactics poses a threat to Russia – expert

Expert: New Ukrainian tactics creates problems for the Russian military

Ukraine has begun to use new tactics in the conduct of hostilities in the Donbass, which creates problems for the Russian army during the offensive. This was told by military historian Yuri Knutov. The expert says  the new tactics is "very interesting."

He explained that the Armed Forces of Ukraine deliberately leave small towns and villages, and prepare positions for heavy artillery 10-15 kilometers from them. And when allied troops enter the abandoned settlements, they are immediately covered with fire. As a result, the military suffer losses, and the city suffers serious damage, the analyst noted in an interview with

According to him, this tactic can be clearly seen on the example of Severodonetsk. When our troops entered there, the city was practically intact, but now there are almost no whole buildings left there, since this is the approach used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Knutov noted.

The historian added that the Ukrainian military generally erases the face of the earth in villages and small settlements, and in large cities they shoot at Russian troops and the remnants of the civilian population.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin