Mirror: Putin's words about threat of Sarmat are close to the truth

Mirror: Putin's warnings about Sarmat are not exaggerated

The words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the capabilities of the Russian missile Sarmat (NATO classification Satan-2) are not exaggerated, said British journalist Ryan Fahey in an article for the Mirror.

According to him, Sarmat poses a serious threat to the UK and the US.

Earlier, Putin said that the Sarmat missile system, which has no analogues in the world, will take up combat duty by the end of 2022. According to the Russian leader, the presence of such weapons in Russia will make a potential aggressor think twice whether it is worth going into a confrontation with the Russian Federation.

The author of the article noted that Putin's words about Satan-2 are beyond doubt. Western experts confirm that these weapons are powerful and destructive, and other countries of the world do not yet have systems to protect against them.

"Putin's comments were close to the truth," said Ryan Fahey.

Earlier, 360kuai reported that Putin issued a warning to all of Russia's adversaries by announcing the successful completion of tests of the Sarmat missile. The authors believe that this was Russia's response to the supply of American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin