Experts to discuss draft agreement on cooperation in assessing potentially dangerous products imported in CIS

The draft agreement on cooperation in the hygienic assessment of potentially dangerous products imported in the CIS countries will be considered on Tuesday at the experts' meeting in the HQ of the CIS Executive Committee in Moscow.

As was reported by director of the humanitarian cooperation and ecological safety department of the CIS Executive Committee Sergei Borshchevsky, the new agreement, which has been drafted by the Russian Health Ministry, will make it easier for the countries to cooperate in carrying out a hygienic and sanitary-epidemiological control.

According to Sergei Borshchevsky, the document explains the notion of potentially dangerous products, establishes the procedure of the expertise and provides for the responsibility of the supplier of the products for their quality and safety for health and life of people.

Apart from that, under the draft agreement, the CIS countries will receive from each other the conclusions of the hygienic and sanitary-epidemiological expertise and also will jointly conduct the expertise of normative documents.

Moreover, "if any of the countries establishes a fact of appearing dangerous products on the CIS markets, it must withdraw these products and inform the state sanitary and epidemiological inspectorates of all the countries that have signed this agreement," pointed out Sergei Borshchevsky.

In case of the approval by the experts, the draft agreement will be submitted for the consideration by the CIS Council of Foreign Ministers, the next session of which will take place in October in Chisinau.

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