Ukraine makes dangerous step pulling out from nuclear safety agreement with Moscow

Kyiv makes rash step pulling out from nuclear safety agreement with Moscow

Aleksey Anpilogov, Director of the Foundation for Historical Research Foundation, in a conversation with Pravda.Ru commented on reports about the decision of the Ukrainian authorities to suspend nuclear safety agreements with Russia.

"The agreements primarily concern not the military sphere in the first place, but rather peaceful atom issues, in which Ukraine has no expertise of its own. Kyiv used to receive peaceful atom technology for its nuclear energy from the Russian Federation. The relations between Russian and Ukrainian authorities for nuclear and radiation safety are going to be severed. This is extremely dangerous,” Aleksey Anpilogov said.

The Ukrainian nuclear energy is based on the Soviet technology that received a development in Russia. That is, Western experts do not know how to work with complex materials in the category of nuclear safety, the expert said.

"I believe that Kyiv made a rash step. Moscow has little to lose. Near our borders there is a territory where there are still four nuclear power plants and about a dozen other nuclear facilities. At the same time, there is no mutual understanding with Ukraine now in this very sensitive area," concluded Anpilogov.

Kyiv earlier announced Ukraine's pullout from two nuclear safety agreements with the Russian Federation. According to the official website of the City Inspectorate for Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Russian Federal Supervision Authority for Radiation Safety no longer cooperate due to Russia's operation in Ukraine.

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