Myśl Polska: Poland's attempts to collapse Russia turned into a collapse for Warsaw

Myśl Polska: Poland tried to outsmart Russia and collapsed itself

The Polish authorities are quite confident that Russia is going to provoke an energy collapse. This, for example, was stated by Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki.

However, the author of Myśl Polska, Przemysław Piasta, believes that in Warsaw they themselves have completely coped with the problem by arranging an energy crisis in their own country. "They even managed to do without Russia," the Polish journalist notes.

According to the journalist, the Polish prime minister is "obsessed" with the Russian president. If you enter the words "Putin" and "Morawiecki" in a search engine on the Internet, then in a second your eyes will see a stunning result - more than five million relevant links, the article notes.

And 90 percent of this number are speeches by the head of the Polish government about the president of Russia. And Vladimir Putin does not talk about Mateusz Morawiecki at all, according to the article, which was translated by InoSMI.

During the recent summit of EU leaders, Mateusz Morawiecki did not depart from tradition and began to assure his colleagues that Russia intends to cause a "prolonged energy crisis" in the world.

Apparently, he meant the reduction in supplies through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline. The reason, we recall, is that Gazprom did not receive the compressors that were sent to Canada for technical maintenance.

At the same time, we recall that Warsaw constantly emphasizes that it does not depend on energy imports from Russia, namely gas, oil and coal. And Poland is positioning itself as a supporter of a complete rejection of Russian energy imports.

This, however, did not in the least prevent Morawiecki from declaring a "gas provocation" from Russia.

However, the author of the article in Myśl Polska believes that his country has created such a crisis for itself and there is nothing to blame Russia for.

The beginning was laid by the "eco-madness of the European Union", because of which Poland abandoned coal. And then the import of other energy carriers from Russia was also stopped.

"There is no Russian energy resources - and we, as if by a wave of a magic wand, become independent of it. Just like common sense. This independence from the latter is already becoming a habit for us," the columnist for the Polish edition noted.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin