Germany may appropriate a part of Nord Stream 2 assets

Spiegel: Germany plans to nationalize a part of Nord Stream 2 pipeline

The German Ministry of Economy, headed by former Green Party co-chairman Robert Habek, is considering the possibility of using part of the assets of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline system to receive LNG, Spiegel reported on Friday.

The publication mentions the removal of part of the pipeline system, which is located in the internal waters of Germany, separating it from the rest of the pipeline and connecting it to a floating LNG terminal. The gas pipeline is already connected to the German gas transmission network, and gas can be delivered through it to the south of the country.

The complexities of this plan, Spiegel refers to the need for repeated environmental approvals for work in the Natura 2000 protected natural area, as well as the complicated status of the owner of the highway - the Swiss Nord Stream 2 AG.

Also, the seizure of the asset may lead to a retaliatory strike from Russia, "for example, by expropriating German companies in Russia," the sources of the publication admit.

Given this perspective, the Habkek ministry is exploring the possibility of building a gas pipeline parallel to the Nord Stream 2 route. This would not eliminate the risk of Russian reaction, but would reduce it.

Officially, the ministry neither confirmed nor denied this information, saying that "the issue of the existing infrastructure for connection is an important location factor."

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin