Reuters: EU may target Russian gold as a new object for sanctions

Reuters reveals the new possible target of European sanctions against Russia

European leaders are preparing to increase pressure on Russia with further sanctions and have already begun to look for a new target. Gold sales may be a new object for restrictions, Reuters writes, citing a draft statement from EU representatives expected after the June 23-24 summit.

The document is a compromise between the northern and eastern countries of the bloc, which insisted on clear guidelines in the preparation of the seventh package of sanctions against Moscow, and states such as Germany and the Netherlands, which offered to focus on the implementation of already agreed measures.

In the previous version of the document, there was no mention of work on new sanctions at all, but the seventh package of restrictions is still not announced right now - at the insistence of Berlin.

There is no concrete decision yet on which sectors may be affected by the sanctions, gold is just one of the possible targets, according to agency sources familiar with the discussions.

Such restrictions were proposed by Denmark, the Reuters source clarifies that it is not yet clear whether they will affect imports or exports.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin