American officer names Russian secret weapon in the Ukraine operation

American officer: "Terminator" is Russian secret weapon in Ukraine

American officer Brent Eastwood called the tank support fighting vehicles "Terminator" a secret weapon of Russia in the special operation in Ukraine.

In an article for 19Fortyfive, the expert noted that on the battlefield, the Terminators follow the tanks and create the conditions for the armored forces to act more maneuverably.

The BMPT inflicts massive fire on the Ukrainian infantry and destroys the military, who are firing at Russian tanks from portable anti-tank installations. While the "Terminators" suppress the enemy's manpower, the tanks move forward and break through the enemy's defenses.

According to Eastwood, the Terminators are equipped with Relic protection and modern armor. On board the Terminator are two 30mm cannons that fire 10 rounds per second, Ataka guided missiles and mortars.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin