Pravda.Ru chief calls Sсholz 'paltry' as Germany blocks network in Facebook*

Pravda.Ru chief comments on Germany blocking network in Facebook*

Pravda.Ru chief Vadim Gorshenin has commented on Germany's appeal to restrict access to network's content in Facebook*. As Gorshenin wrote in his Telegram channel, Facebook* blocking Pravda.Ru's materials after Berlin's request reveals that the country's decisions don't correspond to basic democratic rights.

"German authorities demanded that Facebook limit the display of the English version of Pravda.Ru in Germany. Facebook complied with Germany's request. Olaf Scholz! If you are afraid of what only two employees of Pravda.Ru are doing, and your subordinates write delations to social media about the content created by these employees, you are simply not a chancellor, but a petty clerk. Germany hardly satisfies the requirements for a country that is meant to be democratic," he said.

Gorshenin also noted that Sholz's orders turn a great nation into a colony 'in both ideological and economic terms'.

"You can restrict Pravda.Ru on Facebook. But it is not in your power to limit the ability of the Germans to read what two employees of Pravda.Ru are doing. I pity you. You are the most paltry chancellor in its entire history of a once great country," Pravda.Ru chief concluded.

Earlier, Facebook restricted access to Pravda.Ru's English version after Berlin's legal request addressed to the social network.

"Access to your Page has been restricted due to a legal request. Following a review of a legal request about your Page, we restricted access to it in the following locations: Germany," says the official notification received by Pravda.Ru.

*belongs to Meta, which is recognised as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin