Expert explains Polish military situation due to Ukrainian conflict

Expert: Poland loses most of its military because of the aid to Ukraine

Military expert of the Institute of CIS Countries Vladimir Yevseyev said that Poland provided military assistance to Ukraine by sending it weapons from its existing military units. This exhausted its own army, so that in the event of a hypothetical war with the Russian Federation, Warsaw would have nothing to fight with.

If the statement of the Polish leader Andrzej Duda about the supply of weapons, including tanks, armored vehicles, rifles, missiles, worth $ 2 billion is true, this means that Warsaw has given away a significant part of its own military arsenal, writes The publication places the opinion of Vladimir Evseev regarding this situation.

"Are you going to enter Western Ukraine? And what are you going to enter with? With a fig in your pocket? How will you go there without tanks? And if there is a clash with Russia? Do you think Russia will be stopped by the fact that these are not Ukrainian troops, but Polish?" Evseev says.

In his opinion, Warsaw should think about its position and stop counting the number of tanks sent to Ukraine.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin