Expert says US importing solar panels from Vietnam is a disgrace for the country

Expert: import of solar panels from Vietnam dishonours the US

Due to the energy crisis in the United States, a state of emergency has been introduced. Supporters of US President Joe Biden have zeroed import duties on solar panels in order to combat the lack of electricity.

According to the expert Nikolai Starikov, this situation is a disgrace to the United States, since America is forced to import these batteries from Vietnam, to which it lost the war.

“It’s interesting here where they import them from? From Vietnam! Imagine what a shame for a superpower. America fought in Vietnam, lost, disgraced once. Several decades pass, and a superpower with great economic potential, claiming to maintain a monopoly and hegemony, buys solar panels in the very Vietnam that she tried to raze to the ground," Starikov said in an interview with

He called the current circumstances the quintessence of the shame of the United States, which is also recognized by the country itself. The Americans consider saving the dollar and US hegemony a war, so they continue to send weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and incite Taiwan to declare independence.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin