Fox News: Finland and Sweden's accession to NATO may lead to a war with Russia

Fox News: Finland and Sweden's NATO entry can provoke a war with Russia

The entry of Sweden and Finland into the North Atlantic Alliance does not meet the interests of the United States, since Washington will be forced to allocate additional costs.

NATO justifies the admission of Helsinki and Stockholm to the military-political bloc by the fact that the countries have combat-ready armies that can strengthen the military contingent of the alliance.

However, both countries have relatively small troops, numbering around 20,000. American experts noted that none of these states will in any way strengthen the security of the United States.

However, the biggest danger of Sweden and Finland joining NATO is that the expansion of the alliance will increase the risks of developing a full-scale war with Russia.

"The absence of a serious public and political discussion on this important topic and the denigration of those who dare to question the benefits of NATO expansion only increase the risk that the United States forces will be overextended, or, even worse, potentially America, like a sleepwalker, will inadvertently get involved in a war with a nuclear-armed Russia," the authors of Fox News wrote.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin