Russian tank blown up in Donbass turns out to be a decoy for Ukraine

Russian tank blown up by a mine turns out to be a bait for Ukraine in Donbass

In one of the districts of Donbass, a situation occurred that received a response on the Web. The Russian tank T-72BZ was blown up by a mine, but it is not that simple.

It is reported that the crew was evacuated completely. As a result of the explosion, the tank rollers were damaged, the caterpillar flew off.

The fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine waited for some time, and approached the "trophy", reporting live from the scene, actively commenting on the "direct line of victory" and how the battle was fought before. But the video abruptly cuts off with intense gunfire.

It turned out that the Ukrainian military was ambushed, and the T-72BZ acted as a decoy. The crew members of the tank themselves staged this situation, according to.

The fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine failed to take a photo against the background of the "defeated" equipment of the Russian Armed Forces.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin