The Telegraph describes the four camps that NATO was split into over Ukraine conflict

The Telegraph: NATO split into four camps over Ukrainian conflict

At first glance, it might seem that NATO is now rallied over the Ukrainian conflict. However, within the alliance there are several groups whose opinions about what is happening are contradictory. British political commentator Douglas Murray writes about this in The Telegraph newspaper.

He distinguishes four camps, the first of which he calls "correct". It is headed by Britain, since it was the UK who foresaw "Russian aggression" and provided Ukraine with support in a timely manner. The second camp is headed by Germany, and those are Europeans who are "compromised by their recent agreements with the Russian Federation".

Murray calls the third camp "Elysian" and puts France at the head:

“There is the Elysian camp and there is a president who believes that if he maintains an open line with Putin, he can somehow resolve the conflict. It is clear that President Zelensky and others have lost patience with President Macron.”

Murray calls Washington the fourth camp, namely the forces that deliberately prolong the conflict, seeking a change of power in the Russian Federation. So, we can conclude that the North Atlantic Alliance is not so united as it seems at first glance.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin