Ex-Colonel from the US: Biden comes close to another failure

American ex-Colonel: Armed Forces of Ukraine immobilized in Donbass

Former adviser to the US Secretary of Defense Douglas McGregor said that all statements about the possible start of a nuclear war are completely absurd. In his opinion, Washington wants to intimidate the public and provoke panic among the population. The retired colonel is convinced that Russia can only retaliate with a nuclear strike if attacked by the United States.

McGregor also commented on the allocation of colossal US funds for military assistance to Ukraine. Former adviser to the head of the Pentagon noted that the standard of living of Americans has dropped significantly. Despite support from Washington and its allies, the Ukrainian group in Donbass is completely immobilized.

"They control an area of ​​150 to 200 square miles, they are experiencing serious supply problems, and they only have enough ammunition for a few weeks," McGregor said on the air of the Real America program.

In his opinion, after the final defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, US President Joe Biden will be forced to explain himself to the Americans, as this will be another failure of the White House policy.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin