US ready to use force for Taiwan's protection from China

Biden says the US army to protect Taiwan in case China attacks

The US military will intervene if Taiwan is attacked, even though Washington remains committed to the "one China" policy, US President Joe Biden said on Monday.

"Yes, and that's a commitment we've made," Biden said at a news conference in Tokyo, when asked if the US was prepared to be militarily involved if needed to "defend Taiwan."

Biden also pointed out that the US approach to the Taiwan issue "has not changed at all" and that Washington is committed to the "one China policy."

The Taiwan issue arose in 1949, when the communist People's Republic of China was proclaimed, and part of the Kuomintang party settled on the island of Taiwan. Beijing insists on the "one China", according to which it is impossible to simultaneously recognize both the PRC and the Republic of China on Taiwan. At the same time, almost all major states have unofficial cultural and economic offices in Taipei.

The issue of Taiwan is one of the most sensitive in US-China relations.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin