Ukrainian soldier says NATO experience is useless

Captured Ukrainian militant: NATO experience is useless in real combat

During interrogation, a captured Ukrainian militant admitted that all military science from British NATO instructors was not applicable in real combat.

Captured Sergeant Kirill Perets from the 79th Airborne Assault Brigade said that he was trained at the Academy of the Ground Forces, where a separate course was taught by instructors from the North Atlantic Alliance from the UK. However, the actual combat situation turned out to be quite different.

“During the fighting, these courses did not help a bit. What we were taught did not exist in real life,” the former soldier complained.

He said that his unit with other parts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine defended the settlement of Drobyshevo. When, after shelling, Ukrainian soldiers saw Russian tanks, a mass exodus began from their positions. The sergeant's company fell into the ring and asked the command for urgent help many times, but never received it.

“We were told: leave as you wish, we don’t care,” the prisoner said.

As a result, Perets and six other soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine decided to lay down their arms in order to save their lives.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin