Polands wants to take control over Russian Kaliningrad

Poland wants to demilitarize Russian Kaliningrad and name it Koenigsberg

Former Deputy Minister of Defense of Poland Romuald Sheremetiev said that after the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO, Kaliningrad will become a problem for the EU.

He stated this in an interview with the Polish Do Rzeczy.

The former military official emphasizes that the entry of Scandinavian countries into NATO will allow it to dominate the Baltic. He calls on the Kaliningrad region to demilitarize, and Kaliningrad to return the name of Koenigsberg.

According to Sheremetyev, the region today is "a powder keg between the legs of the Alliance."

"Even after Finland and Sweden join NATO, there will be new tasks that will have to be carried out, but at the same time, Poland will have a much stronger position on the eastern flank than before," the ex-minister summed up.

Earlier, Australia called Kaliningrad "an unsinkable aircraft carrier."

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin