TAC: Poland can be a reason for the beginning of global war with Russia

TAC says which NATO country can provoke a global war with Russia

Western experts acknowledged that the special operation in Ukraine is unfolding in a completely different way than expected. Initially, analysts were sure that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would cause serious damage to the Russian army.

However, the real picture of what is happening shows that the forces of Ukraine are defeated and exhausted. Moreover, only a small part of what is needed reaches Ukrainian frontline troops, and most Western-supplied weapons are destroyed immediately after crossing the border.

Against the background of the colossal losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Washington is trying to find a way out after the failed military assistance to Kyiv. An expert from The American Conservative (TAC) does not rule out that Poland can take the side of Ukraine by intervening in Russia's military special operation.

There was information that the Polish General Staff received an order to secretly draw up a plan for intervention in the Ukrainian conflict, which involves the establishment of full control over the west of the country.

"Military action of this magnitude would require Kyiv's approval, but given Washington's de facto control over Zelensky, approving Polish military intervention should not be a problem," Douglas McGregor said.

At the same time, the United States are aware of the consequences of the conflict between Russia and Poland, since after a possible escalation of the conflict, Article 5 of the NATO Charter will come into force. Thus, the military intervention of Warsaw will put NATO members at risk of a full-scale armed clash with Russia.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin