Russian Defence Ministry: The USA used Ukraine to develop biological weapons

Ukraine works on WMD provocation, similarly to Syrian scenarios

Russia has reliable data proving that Ukraine is preparing provocations with the use of weapons of mass destruction, similarly to how it was done in Syria, Igor Kirillov, the chief of radiation, chemical and biological protection troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation told reporters on Wednesday, May 11.

According to Kirillov, an attempt was made to infect residents of the Slavyanoserbsky district of the Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) with a highly pathogenic strain of tuberculosis.

This strain of tuberculosis was going to be spread through counterfeit money. The biological attack was designed to target children in the first place, the official said. According to him, those who attempted to organise such an attack tried to take into account children's psychology and their habit to "put everything in their mouths."

"Leaflets made in the form of counterfeit banknotes were infected with the causative agent of tuberculosis and distributed among minors in the village of Stepovoe. The organizers of this crime took into account the peculiarities of children's behavior,” Kirillov told reporters, TASS reports.

The chief of radiation, chemical and biological protection troops of the Russian Armed Forces noted that the above-mentioned bio attack allegedly took place in 2020. Kirillov did not name the organizers of the biological attack.

Pentagon conducted human experiments at Kharkiv's psychiatric hospital

Moreover, the Pentagon conducted experiments on citizens of Ukraine in a psychiatric hospital in the Kharkiv region. Igor Kirillov added.

According to him, the special operation to protect the republics of Donbass put an end to the expansion of the US military-biological presence in Ukraine and protected civilians from criminal experiments.

Kirillov called Ukraine a range ground, where the West was developing biological weapons and testing new samples of pharmaceuticals.

Earlier, the Russian Defence Ministry unveiled documents confirming Kiev's plans to use drones to spray deadly substances.

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