Expert: Russia to destroy bridges in Ukraine, militants to 'run away' by mid-May

Expert Evseev says when Ukrainian militants will "run away" from Donbass

The Russian army, until recently, haven't been striking at the transport and logistics system of Ukraine, because it wanted to enable civilians to leave the country. However, the supply of Western weapons left Russia with no other choice.

Military expert Vladimir Evseev noted that initially Russian troops disabled traction substations, depriving Kyiv of the opportunity to use electric trains. Then Russia began to destroy the railway tracks in front of the bridges in Zaporozhye and Dnepr. Evseev is convinced that the elimination of the transport infrastructure will continue.

Some Western analysts believe that without the supply of Western military equipment, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will begin to retreat from the territory of Donbass by mid-May. However, according to the military expert, it will not be just a retreat, but a flight.

“This will no longer be the withdrawal of troops, but the flight of the remnants of the Ukrainian group. Moreover, they essentially have nowhere to retreat, because the exit from the wooded area into open space will allow our aircraft to effectively destroy them,” Yevseev summed up in an interview with Ukraina.Ru.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin