In Rome, the victims of Trade Union House in Odessa were commemorated

The protesters encircled the monument with flowers, candles and toys and unfolded a banner with the inscription "Remember Odessa. Stop fascism. The organizers of the action told reporters that Europeans are trying to fence off these nightmarish events with the burning alive of 48 people by Ukrainian radicals and nationalists.

"The Western world has been silent for eight years, but we can no longer tolerate it. It is our duty to talk about what really happened," said the organizer of the commemoration, recalling that the Italian Wikipedia page about what happened is edited in such a way that it is impossible to understand who was behind it.

By the way, the names of the murderers involved in this brutal and inhuman massacre are known. However, the radicals have still not been punished - they are heroes in Ukraine.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin