Ukraine's Kherson region breaks away entirely, intends to switch to Russian rubles

Ukraine loses Kherson region once and for all

Deputy head of the military-civilian administration for the Kherson region of Ukraine, Kirill Stremousov, said that the region, which currently remains under the control of the Russian forces, would not return to Ukraine's jurisdiction. In addition, the Kherson region will switch to Russian rubles. This move is necessary to make due to the flight of Ukraine's financial structures and the lack of money supply, the official added.

"Returning the Kherson region back to Nazi Ukraine is out of the question. It's impossible. The Kherson region will develop economically, and Kyiv will no longer be able to impose its revolting Nazi policy aimed at the destruction of people and their identity,” Stremousov said.

The deputy chairman of the military-civilian administration of the Kherson region also said that the region was not planning any popular votes.

"Ukrainian propagandists are spreading fake stories about the establishment of the Kherson People's Republic in order to intimidate the local population,” Stremousov said.

The Kherson region of Ukraine currently plans to abjure the hryvnia from May 1. Such a move will allow the region to integrate with the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics and increase trade with Crimea.

"This event is important for the full integration of the LDPR (Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republics — ed.) and southern regions of Ukraine into joint economic space, as well as in order to build up trade and economic ties, primarily with the Republic of Crimea and all of Russia,” a message posted on the Telegram channel of Crimea's Permanent Delegation under the Russian President said.

The Kherson region remains under the control of the Russian military. The region has recently changed its administration.

Kherson region to switch into Russian rubles

Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the new military-civilian administration for the Kherson region, said that the move to switch into Russian rubles was necessary in the region due to the flight of Ukraine's financial structures from the region.

"The pension fund, the treasury have left the territory of the Kherson region over the past month. People have thus been left with no payments, no financial support. Therefore, from May 1, we plan to introduce the ruble zone [to provide] assistance, first of all, to pensioners, socially unprotected parts of the population and, of course, to public employees,” he said on Russia 24 TV channel.

The region will move into the ruble zone starting from May 1. The transition period will take up to four months, during which both the ruble and the hryvnia will be in circulation. Afterwards, the region will switch to ruble payments only.

The Kherson region of Ukraine borders on Crimea. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the city of Kherson was taken under full control on March 2. On March 15, the Russian Armed Forces took full control of the entire territory of the Kherson region.

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