Ukraine may strike Crimea or Moscow not to disappoint Western sponsors

Ukraine may strike Moscow and Crimea any moment

Russian political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky believes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may strike any targets on the territory of Russia that they find to be within the reach of their weapons. Moscow and the Moscow region could be targets for such attack as well, he said.

According to Satanovsky, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready to attack Russia at any opportunity. One should bear in mind that Ukraine may attack not only Crimes, but Moscow and the Moscow region, Satanovsky said.

Ukraine continues receiving large amounts of lethal weapons, and Russia may not be able to destroy all of them. For example, the AFU may decide to strike such targets as the Crimean Bridge. They may resort to missiles of a wide range of modifications and attack drones to conduct such an attack, Satanovsky said.

Ukraine has such weapons at its disposal already and expected to receive more in the near future. The Kiev regime may conduct an attack on Russian regions, including Moscow and the Moscow region, both for propaganda purposes, not to disappoint Western sponsors.

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Editor Petr Ermilin