China offers USA to look in the mirror

China responds to USA's criticism: 'Look in the mirror and mind your own business'

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that Washington needs to "look in the mirror and stop getting involved in other people's business." The USA should deal with its own problems, instead of criticizing Beijing for its position in reference to the events in Ukraine.

"China's position on the Ukrainian issue is honest, fair, objective and it does not deserve any censure, while the United States, on the contrary, is known for its evil deeds on relevant issues. We advise the United States to look in the mirror and do its own thing before criticizing others," he stressed.

Lijian noted that such a strategy of the US towards China is old-fashioned, and its purpose is to demonise and slander the PRC.

At the same time, the diplomat urged Washington to look for ways of peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial partnership in view of the current situation.

Earlier, the United States, together with the European Union, decided to put pressure on China because of sanctions against Russia, which were imposed as a result of Russia's special operation in Ukraine.

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Editor Dmitry Sudakov