Expert Sivkov says Ukrainian military equipment will not work

Expert: MiG-29 fighters handed over to Ukraine will not even be able

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that Ukraine received the planes, but not from the United States. Military expert Konstantin Sivkov indicated that the MiGs came from Eastern Europe.

Considering that there are no more than 20 aircrafts, their delivery will not affect the course of hostilities in Ukraine, because not dozens, but hundreds of aircraft will be required to change the situation in the air, the expert believes.

“Ukraine has practically no base airfields left. If the Armed Forces of Ukraine start using the airfields of other countries, for example, Poland, this means that Poland will go to war with Russia with all the ensuing consequences,” Sivkov told the Vzglyad newspaper.

In addition, the expert is sure that the Russian Armed Forces will destroy new equipment in the shortest possible time, "on the very first flight, or maybe they will destroy it on the ground before they make their first flight."

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin