The Telegraph: EU needs to introduce sanctions against Germany

Matthew Lynn: Germany to be 'punished' over Russian gas stance

Matthew Lynn, a columnist for the British newspaper The Telegraph, said that if EU countries continue to buy gas from Moscow, then sanctions will need to be imposed on them. Apparently, Lynn does not think about what the citizens of these countries will do if their authorities suddenly refuse Russian gas.

The analyst cites his calculations to readers and states that 800 million euros enter Russia daily. In his opinion, paying for gas and filling European refineries make the EU involved in the conflict in Ukraine. Not arms supplies, but payment for Russian gas.

However, Lynn did not list all EU countries as "guilty." Germany and Italy were named as the main sponsors. The journalist did not stop there and said that everyone who purchases German goods is financing the Ukrainian conflict.

For Lynn, it doesn’t matter not only that by giving up Russian gas, German citizens will have to freeze and pay more, but also that Berlin is starting to discuss reducing its dependence on the Russian Federation in the energy issue. The journalist is sure that this is not enough and that the German authorities are too focused on their own losses due to the fuel embargo.

"The moment for sanctions against Germany has definitely come. The moment has come to punish Germany."

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