Russia unravels new NATO's tactics in Ukraine

Hiding weapons is no more necessary: Russia sees through NATO's trick in Ukraine

The Russian armed forces in Ukraine have changed tactics to track and destroy equipment and weapons supplied from NATO member countries. The non-contact strategy has taken the first place, preference is given to missile and air strikes, said military expert Yuri Knutov.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that a Ukrainian military transport aircraft with a large batch of foreign weapons was destroyed. But NATO countries are only increasing deliveries, and now we are talking about heavy equipment, such as T-72 tanks, BMP-1, S-300 complexes.

Russian troops promptly respond to caravans with weapons. Earlier, officials of the Russian Defense Ministry warned that military equipment that ended up on the territory of Ukraine is a legitimate target for our missiles. The tanks delivered by Slovakia were destroyed with the help of cruise missiles, as well as the S-300 systems.

Now the West has decided to use a trick: 100 km from the border of Ukraine, the equipment is reloaded onto special tractors, which are covered with a camouflage frame. Western "partners" hope that such a car carrier will resemble a civilian car.

The new supply tactics did not remain a secret for the Russian army - caravans are safely tracked and destroyed.

"We can track unloading, places of concentration and strike, which we do and do successfully," Knutov said.

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