Biden's decomissioning of a nuclear cruise missile causes a split in Congress

Biden's decision to write off a nuclear missile sparkes a split in Congress

Politico reports that the US President Joe Biden's decision to decommission a sea-launched nuclear-capable cruise missile has caused a split in the US Congress. Republicans oppose this decision.

Doug Lambourne, the top Republican on the House Strategic Forces Committee, said they must reverse the decision by any means necessary.

Last year, Congress estimated that maintaining a cruise missile and its warheads would cost the United States at least $10 billion. If the state still allocates funding for the preservation of the missile, it will hit hard on the image of Biden supporters, who advocate a restrained nuclear policy and moderate defense spending.

The President's defense budget is aimed at minimizing funding for the SLCM-N cruise missile and decommissioning the B83 nuclear gravity bomb. Republicans have previously criticized the allocated $813 billion national defense budget for 2023. In their opinion, this is not enough to meet the needs of military leaders around the world.

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