Expert predicted the strategy of Russian Navy in case of conflict with NATO

Michael Petersen, director of the Marine Research Institute, on the pages of The Maritime Executive analyzed the strategy of the Russian Navy in case of an armed conflict with NATO. It is worth noting that this point of view does not reflect the official position of the US Department of Defense.

According to the analyst, the Russian Defense Ministry has set several key tasks for the Russian Navy: rapid mobilization, transition to martial law, isolation of local conflicts and protection of Russia's economic interests, as well as protection of freedom of navigation in the oceans.

Petersen said that the main advantage of the Russian Navy is its geographical location. Russia has access to several oceans and has powerful Northern and Pacific fleets.

If a maritime conflict between Russia and NATO starts, then, according to Petersen, the submarines will be dispersed over patrol areas in the far and near sea zones. Potential targets will be Romania, Poland, Norway and Japan. The analyst said that Moscow will try to expand the area of ​​confrontation so that the enemy comes out of their bases. Russia will also deliver precision strikes from submarines at US military facilities in the above countries. The expert emphasized that for strikes in most of Northern, Eastern and Central Europe, Russian ships would not even need to leave "their" sea.

Michael Petersen urges the US and NATO authorities not to ignore the growing potential of the Russian Navy.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin