The real global aim of Russian operation in Ukraine is revealed

Russian FM Lavrov named the real global aim of the special operation in Ukraine

Russia's special operation in Ukraine is meant to put an end to the US and other Western countries' course of reckless domination, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

"Our special military operation is meant to put an end to the reckless expansion and the reckless course towards the complete dominance of the United States and under them the rest of the Western countries in the international arena," he said.

As Lavrov noted, such dominance is built with gross violations of international law.

"In Kosovo, without a referendum, it is possible to recognize independence, but in Crimea, as a result of a referendum, which was observed by hundreds of objective representatives of foreign countries, the public of foreign countries, it is impossible. In Iraq, ten thousand kilometers away from the United States, they saw a threat to their American security, they bombed it, they did not find any threat and did not even apologize. But when neo-nazis and ultra-radicals are grown right on our borders, dozens of biological laboratories are created along the lines of the Pentagon, conducting some kind of experiments that are primarily aimed at creating biological weapons - documents were found, who leave no doubt about this fact, then we are not allowed to react to this threat on our borders, and not across the ocean," the minister explained.

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