Chinese billionaire says Beijing must be prepared for special operation of its own

Chinese billionaire: We must give up illusions and always be ready to fight

Chinese pro-government newspaper Huanqiu Shibao published an article titled US Strangles Russia to Control Europe by billionaire Che Jian Xin — one of China's 100 richest people according to Forbes.

In the article, the writer highlighted a few aspects that many Russians are familiar with:

  1. NATO has been encircling Russia for the past 20 years. If Ukraine joined the alliance, NATO missiles would be able to reach Moscow in a matter of minutes.
  2. The US wanted to drive a wedge between Europe and Russia in order to control the EU rigidly, prevent the Russian economy from integrating into the economy of Europe, and prevent the euro from strengthening against the dollar.

However, the main conclusion that the author of the article makes is different:

China now needs to always be ready for a "special operation" of its own.

"The United States did not want to tolerate the strong and powerful Russia and the united Europe, and it will not put up with the powerful and rich China that adheres to an independent line. From the collapse of the Soviet Union to today's Russia that has been cornered, we can clearly see that compromise and capitulation in the fight against the enemy will only make it want more. We must cancel out illusions and always be ready to fight,” Che Jian Xin concluded.

Che Jian Xin is the CEO of Red Star Macalline — a company that operates 308 malls and 359 franchise stores in China. Jian Xin's personal fortune is evaluated at almost $5 billion.

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