Russian vice governor loses his 23-year-old paratrooper son in Ukraine

Russian Vice Governor's paratrooper son killed in Ukraine

On March 14, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation reported that Georgy Dudorov, parachute division deputy commander, was killed in Ukraine. The military man came under artillery fire on March, 6, the committee said.

Georgy Dudorov, a reconnaissance company deputy commander, who was killed during a military operation in Ukraine, was the son of Alexander Dudorov, the Vice Governor of the Nenets Autonomous region of Russia, website reports. 

Vice Governor Alexander Dudorov oversees the work of the Nenets Autonomous Region department for internal control and supervision, as well as the department for civil protection and fire safety, the website of the regional administration says. Born in 1972, he started to work as Vice Governor in 2021.

The news about Georgy Dudorov's death, a graduate of the Investigative Committee cadet corps, was announced on March, 14. The Investigative Committee of Russia said that the military man tragically died while performing a combat mission during the special operation.

Dudorov served as deputy commander of the reconnaissance company of the 137 Regiment  of 106 Tula Guards Parachute Division.

"On March 6, he got under artillery fire and suffered a fatal wound. However, he fulfilled his military duty to his Fatherland with honor," the Investigative Committee said.

Earlier, official representatives for a number of Russian regions, in particular Mordovia, Tuva and St. Petersburg, announced that military men from regional units were killed in Ukraine.

On March, 2 the Russian Defense Ministry announced losses among Russian military personnel during the military operation in Ukraine. According to the ministry, 498 soldiers were killed, 1,597 were wounded. The losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces amounted to more than 2,870 people (about 3,700 were wounded and 572 were held captive).

On March, 5 President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed a decree on a one-time payment of 5 million rubles to the families of the military men killed in Ukraine. In addition, they will receive benefits in the amount of 7.4 million rubles and monthly monetary compensation.

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