China: Never forget who's the real threat to the world

China calls USA the biggest threat to the world

Representatives for the Chinese Embassy in Russia stated that the United States was a real threat to the world.

"Never forget who's the real threat to the world," Lijian Zhao, Deputy Director of the Department for Information of the Foreign Ministry of the People's Republic of China wrote on Twitter.

The official attached an infographic continent the list of the countries that have suffered from US bombings after WWII — from the early 1950s to this day. The list includes more than 30 foreign countries.

Earlier, the Chinese Minitry for Foreign Affairs advocated respect for the sovereignty of all countries, and called on all parties to the conflict to prevent the crisis from getting out of control.

China's UN Ambassador UN Zhang Jun, in his speech at a meeting of the UN Security Council, called Russia's security concerns legitimate. According to Beijing, the security of one country shall not be ensured to the detriment of other countries' security, whereas the security in the region shall not be achieved by strengthening alliances.

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