Three Russian nuclear submarines deployed off US coasts

Russian nuclear submarines already on duty off US coasts

Against the backdrop of the US's outrageously aggressive attitude towards Russia, it was reported that at least two Russian nuclear submarines with nuclear weapons on board could already be deployed off the coast of the United States.

According to unconfirmed reports, one of the Russian submarines is located near the east coast of the United States, while the second one is off the west coast. Presumably, another Russian submarine could be staying in Arctic waters.

Tensions in the relationship between the United States and Russia are reaching a climax. Russia took measures to try to solve the crisis through diplomacy, but the United States prefers to turn to increasingly aggressive measures instead by building up NATO troops in Eastern Europe, closer to the Russian borders.

The Russian nuclear submarines on duty off the coasts of the United States will thus be able to respond to any act of aggression immediately.

"The Russian submarines can presumably be located off both the western and the eastern coasts of the United States. Given their stealthiness, the Pentagon may not even be aware of their whereabouts. It is more than likely that another Russian submarine is staying in the Arctic, deep under the ice,” Sina Military publication said.

It is impossible to either confirm or deny these reports today. Russian nuclear-powered submarines with nuclear weapons on board are indeed on duty both in the Pacific and in the Atlantic Ocean. They are probably located a thousand kilometers off the US coast, publication reports.

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