A threat that the Russian Navy creates off US coast is much more powerful than army base in Cuba

Russian Navy creates threat much more powerful than Cuban army base off US coast

According to economist Mikhail Khazin, Russia has effective leverage other than army bases in Latin America to counter USA's aggressive behaviour. It is not a single US base in Europe, but the entire military infrastructure of NATO in general that poses the main threat to NATO, the analyst believes.

The alliance sticks to the same principle.

"What is an army base? This is just a point on the map that can be entered into the coordinates of missiles. Any base on earth can be destroyed very quickly. The Americans are not concerned about this base, just like Russia is not concerned about bases in Poland or Romania," Mikhail Khan said during an interview for a YouTube channel.

Russia has long prepared a symmetrical response for the alliance, Khazin believes. It goes about strategic submarines that can stay off the coasts of the United States for a long time. Russian submarines are capable of delivering a devastating blow to any target located on the territory of the United States. This is exactly what Washington fears most, the economist believes.

Russia's progress crushes USA's missile defence system

In turn, Russian publicist Dmitry Kulikov believes that the United States has wasted hundreds of billions of dollars to build the missile defense system. Russia has developed and put into service Kinzhal and Zircon hypersonic missiles. Russia's progress in the creation of such missiles has minimised all the efforts that the United States has taken so far to build its missile defence system.

"American aircraft carrier groups are the cornerstone of the entire US military doctrine that Russia has simply crushed. The entire US missile defense system has gone down the drain. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been wasted,” the publicist said.

According to Kulikov, the United States has only one trump card left — the dollar. Many are convinced that the American currency is unshakable under any circumstances, but this is not true to fact.

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