Russia may surprise Americans in Vietnam and Iran

Russia prepares a surprise for USA and NATO in Vietnam and Iran

The Russian military may deploy military bases and infrastructure in Vietnam. Such a move will come as an extremely big surprise for the United States. Iran could also be an option, and that would put not only the United States, but US allies throughout the region, including Israel, at risk.

The appearance of Russian army bases in the above-mentioned countries is not going to be either advertised or announced. On their part, Vietnam and Iran will receive Russian weapons for their protection.

"We could deploy weapons in Venezuela or Cuba. However, who needs that in our times? This is ridiculous! This is not what the Americans are afraid of. They fear that Russia will join efforts with Iran. We did not fight in Vietnam, but it was Soviet aircraft and Soviet missiles that shot down all US airplanes in Vietnam. This is the worst scenario for the United States — Russia is washing her hands, and Russian missiles can fly from anywhere in the world," Russian military expert Ivan Konovalov said, publication said.

Noteworthy, negotiations are currently underway between the authorities of Vietnam and the United States regarding the possible arrangement of an American military base in Cam Ranh. This could lead to problems for Russia.

Russia has not officially taken any military measures in response to the refusal of NATO and the United States to provide guarantees of security to Russia.

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