If Russia and USA exchange nuclear blows, the States will suffer colossal damage

Russia will cause USA colossal damage in case of nuclear war

Russia will be able to defeat the United States easily in the event of a nuclear war, well-known military expert Alexei Leonkov told Sputnik in Russian YouTube channel.

According to the analyst, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will be able to easily repel the attacks of American missiles and give a tangible response to enemy's aggression.

Russia would inflict colossal damage on the United States in the event of an exchange of nuclear strikes, he added.

According to the expert, if Russia and the United States exchange nuclear strikes, the Russian side will handle the number of missiles that the Americans can launch.

"Our ballistic missiles, which now use guided hypersound technology, cannot be stopped. Therefore, in an exchange of nuclear strikes, it is the other side that will suffer colossal damage,” Leonkov said.

In late 2021, General David Thompson, the Vice Chief of Space Operations, United States Space Force, admitted that the United States was lagging behind Russia and China in the development of hypersonic arms. The first long-range hypersonic system LRHW will enter service with the US Army only by 2023.

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