Russian diesel submarine that disappeared 7 days ago in Mediterranean makes NATO nervous

NATO nervous over Russian diesel submarine that disappeared 7 days ago

A Russian submarine has been circling around an aircraft carrier group of the US Navy for seven days already.

Pentagon and NATO appeared nervous after the Russian submarine, which was last detected between Malta and Sicily, did not appear off the coast of Syria. Moreover, the Russian submarine did not pass either the Bosphorus or the Suez Canal and thus remained in the location area of the US aircraft carrier strike group.

A few hours ago, a US Boeing P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine patrol aircraft went on a long mission to detect the Russian diesel-electric submarine in the central Mediterranean Sea, website reports.

According to the website, which refers to its own sources, the US aircraft was searching for the submarine, which allegedly posed a threat to the aircraft carrier strike group of the US Navy located in the area.

Several other military aircraft of this type went on missions over the eastern Mediterranean, apparently trying to find the Russian submarine in this area, since the submarine disappeared without a trace and its current whereabouts was unknown.

Interestingly, a Tupolev Tu-154 aircraft of the Russian Federal Security Bureau (FSB) was also sighted in the same region. The purpose of its flight remains unknown, however, the flight of the Tu-154 aircraft could also be associated with the search for the missing submarine.

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