Eight Boeing RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft fly to Russian borders

US sends eight reconnaissance Boeing aircraft to Russian borders

Experts believe that the US aircraft were trying to detect places of the deployment of the Russian army near the borders of Ukraine.

Chinese observers of the NetEase publication said that the United States had sent eight of its Boeing RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft to the borders of the Russian Federation. The manned group was formed in just 24 hours. Boeing RC-135 aircraft are equipped with radars capable of detecting military vehicles on the ground.

"They were slowly circling in international airspace beyond the Russian border while collecting a lot of electromagnetic signals,” NetEase observers said, PolitRussia reports.

Experts believe that the American planes were looking for places of deployment of the Russian army near the borders of Ukraine.

The Boeing RC-135 aircraft may have collected electromagnetic signals. The collected data may help the Pentagon determine the location, where an armed conflict may subsequently break out. However, the Chinese observers noted, the Russian troops will only act for their defence.

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