Russia will not tolerate NATO F-35 fighters over Black Sea

Russia prepares unpleasant surprise for F-35 in Black Sea region

As soon as it became known that the United States was getting ready to use F-35 fighters over the Black Sea, it was reported that Russia had prepared a very unpleasant surprise for the fifth-generation fighter aircraft.

To date, Russia's air defense for the Black Sea coast is comprised of S-300 Favorit anti-aircraft systems. These systems have a number of vulnerabilities to stealthiness and radar deception. In the near future, all S-300 complexes deployed in the region will be replaced with their newest version — S-300PM-2. This air defense missile system is capable of freely detecting fifth-generation fighters at distances of up to 200-250 kilometers. NATO reconnaissance will not be able to detect the difference between the old and the new systems as the latter will be accompanying F-35 fighters.

S-300 Favorit systems are currently deployed in the Rostov region and in the Crimea. All of them will be replaced with the up-to-date models to significantly increase the security of the Russian airspace. NATO will thus be forced to think twice about the advisability of further provocations in the region.

F-35 fighter spotted in Black Sea region

On December 14, an unknown aerial vehicle was spotted in the region near the Russian borders. It appears that it was a F-35 aircraft, which managed to stay invisible to Russian air defense systems. It was said that the unidentified military aircraft at first posed a threat to a civilian passenger airliner and then to Russian airspace …

According to representatives of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, an unidentified plane made a dangerous approach to a passenger airliner, which intended to land in Sochi. The civilian aircraft was forced to urgently change its course. It is believed that it was a NATO F-35 that attempted to penetrate Russia's airspace.

Today, F-35 fighters are the only foreign fifth generation combat aircraft that are present in this part of the world. The latest provocation clearly indicates that NATO is persistently following the path of escalation.

Russia is currently conducting an investigation into the incident.

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