Russian Murmansk-BN electronic warfare systems turn F-35 fighters into tin cans

Murmansk-BN systems turn F-35 fighters into scrap metal near Russian borders

According to the Sina Military website, US pilots of F-35 aircraft complain about impaired communication and malfunctions in the work of on-board systems of their airplanes when approaching Russia's western borders.

Onboard systems of F-35 fighter aircraft of the US Air Force came out of order due to the interference created by Murmansk-BN electronic warfare systems. US stealth fighters experience frequent failures of their avionic equipment over the Black and Baltic Seas. Electronic warfare interference systems of the Russian Armed Forces start showing a noticeable impact on US Air Force stealth fighters, Sina Military website reports.

Experts of the Chinese publication assume that the F-35s simply fall under the attacks of powerful Russian electronic warfare systems Murmansk-BN deployed in Murmansk and Kaliningad regions, as well as in Crimea. The systems can disable electronic systems at distances of more than 3000 kilometers.

Previously, NATO has repeatedly complained of Russia's long-range electronic warfare systems deployed on the Russian territory. If used at full power, the systems may completely ruin the costly avionic equipment on board F-35 fighters, turning the planes into nothing but scrap metal.

The Murmans-BN system covers the entire shortwave range with frequencies from 3-30 MHz that are commonly used by warships and aircraft. When scanning large areas and detecting sources of radio emissions, the transmitters of Murmansk-BN start jamming radio signals in narrow band, thus preventing the enemy from exchanging data.

Murmansk-BN is capable of jamming communications between warships, aircraft and satellites. The system is also capable of blocking the flow of information from satellites to specific combat units, thus disabling the target reconnaissance satellites from guiding the missile to its target.

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