US practices destruction of the Russian Baltic Fleet

US announces possibility to sink all of Russia's Baltic Fleet

The United States announced a possibility to destroy the Russian Baltic Fleet and turn the Black Sea Fleet of Russia into a shooting gallery, an article penned by David Axe for Forbes website says.

As noted in the article, US Air Force B-1B Lancer bombers practice the destruction of warships of Russia's Baltic and Black Sea fleets.

"A pair of B-1s could shoot 48 LRASMs at Russia’s Baltic Fleet. Enough, perhaps, to sink the entire fleet in a single pass and eliminate the major threat to U.S. and allied ships in the region," the article says.

The B-1 Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM), owing to its long range, will be able to reach Russian ships anywhere in the Black Sea from NATO airspace.

Earlier in October, David Axe wrote that the United States Air Force (AF) sent F-16 fighters to the closest airfield to the Russian border on Shemya Island in Alaska. According to the journalist, the deployment of the US fighters as close to Russia as possible was part of the preparations that the US conducted in the event of a full-scale war with Russia.

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