Russian Foreign Minister on US President's second visit to Russia

According to Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, there is nothing unusual in the US President's intention to pay the second visit to Russia in less then a year against the rules of the diplomatic protocol.

The frequency and venue of contacts between the leaders of the great powers "are determined not by the rules of the protocol, but by life itself" and by the dynamic and non-standard developments in the world, Ivanov told one of Moscow newspapers.

"Therefore, we need close coordination and permanent contacts to realise joint efforts, first of all, on countering international terrorism and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction," Ivanov said.

Ivanov believes that "the types of top-level contacts have become more diverse - from official visits and participation in international forums to informal meetings and telephone conversations." The latest example was the coordination of the UN Security Council's resolution on Iraq, the minister said. According to him, Vladimir Putin discussed the key issues of the resolution with the leaders of the permanent member-states of the Security Council at the final stage, on the last day before voting.

"Undoubtedly, the intensity of international contacts points to many things. In particular, the world community needs Russia's foreign policy and its resources to solve the vital contemporary problems," the Russian Foreign Minister said. "Russia's opinion is always taken into account," he added.

George Bush is expected to visit Russia on November 22nd.

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