China makes surprising statement about Putin's successor

China names Putin's successor

The President of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, might be a possible successor to Vladimir Putin as President of Russia, the Chinese website reports.

The unnamed author of the article calls Kadyrov "a new political star." He admires Putin and appears to be the man, whose political style is very similar to Putin's. In some cases, he was even tougher than Putin, the article says.

"After many years in politics, he completely agrees with the style of Putin's behavior, and his own style is very similar to that of Putin, and sometimes  he even learns from Putin's style," the publication says.

According to the Chinese journalist, Kadyrov admires Putin for never bowing his head to the United States. Besides, Putin is very confident in himself.

"It is an open secret that Putin, as President of Russia, has become the spirit of Russia. When Russia was in danger, he was ordered to take the lead and save the country," the author writes.

The article also says that Chechnya has brought many problems to Russia, but Putin, having come to power, had the issue resolved. Kadyrov, as the author of the article believes, turned the Chechens into a strong team and united them with other peoples of Russia.

"Kadyrov has not changed his attitude towards Putin after his political rise. He respects and protects him just like before. Kadyrov once said that he would go forward, retreat or fight together with Russia and its president," the article in the Chinese publication concluded.

It is worthy of note that in June, the head of Chechnya suggested that Putin should be elected for life, because no one can replace him.

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