President of Belarus thanks God for becoming COVID-19 survivor

Belarus President Lukashenko miraculously survives coronavirus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko experienced coronavirus disease asymptomatically, on his feet. Lukashenko told about his experience on Tuesday, July 28, when he visited military unit 3214 of the Interior Ministry troops in Minsk.

"I apologize for my voice. I have to speak a lot lately. Surprisingly, however, today you are meeting with a man who managed to survive coronavirus on his feet," Lukashenka said.

According to him, he learned about it from doctors.

"Like I said before, 97 percent of people carry this infection asymptomatically. Thank God I am in  this cohort of asymptomatic carriers," Lukashenka said, adding that he now became part of the golden fund of Belarus.

According to most recent reports, more than 67,000 cases of coronavirus disease have been identified in Belarus since the beginning of the pandemic. As many as 538 patients have died, over 60,000 have recovered. Belarus did not impose strict quarantine restrictions. Lukashenko earlier explained this decision with economic reasons and called the hysteria around the coronavirus in the world psychosis. He insisted that Belarus had chosen the right way to fight the pandemic, because the country was working and could "breathe at least somehow".

Earlier, Lukashenko also recommended treating coronavirus with honey, vodka, while working on a tractor and going to the sauna.

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